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Parent Meeting Minutes

Parent Meeting (Sept 14, 2016)

1) ¬†It is through our website that we text all players and parents. ¬†It is crucial that we have everyone’s correct cell number (and carrier) so that we can communicate important info.

2) ¬†Because Waterpolo is not an OSAA recognized sport, the high school does not deal with any of the travel expenses. ¬† Please, if you need help with transportation to games or tournaments, ask other families for help…Don’t just not go. ¬† We need all players at all events. ¬† Contact another family on your own or call/text ¬†me (Julie) at 541-350-4050 and I will assist you in figuring something out.

We will be using the text feature of our website to share hotel info for the away tournaments and for any update and/or changes to the tournament schedule.

3)   We received a $750 sponsorship from Tom Norton and Family and it has been asked that the players do some kind of community service.   Kristin Hocker is checking with LINC to see if there is anything needed there.   If anyone has any other ideas please call/text Julie (541-350-4050)  or Scott (541-420-7471)

4)   Also, although we receive 50% of the profits from the annual MACDASH, we still are in great need to fundraisers.   It is because of these monies that we are able to get the fees for players down to a manageable amount each season.   With that said we need fundraiser ideas as well as individuals willing to take the lead on one.

Mindi Hoke has already started work on the wreath fundraiser that was so successful for us last year.   More info on that to come.

If anyone has any other leads or thoughts on a fundraiser we can do as a team, please get ahold of Scott or Julie

5) ¬†Polo t-shirts that are the same as ones we have done in the past will be available for purchase soon. ¬† Joie Simtustis will begin with a signup sheet this next week …if you don’t see it soon, ¬†and you are interested in getting one, please contact Joie, or Scott, or Julie

6) ¬†Our home tournament will be a friday-saturday tourney on October 14-15. ¬† We are going to need “all hands on deck”…. hospitality, food donations, set-up and take-down, and running the table are all places that we need parents to help with…Start thinking now where you will be able to help. ¬† More info will be coming soon!

7) ¬†Also, after regular league games we are in need of parents to pitch in and help put things away. ¬†It is not a lot but it is falling on a select few. ¬† Please pitch in and help….many hands makes light work. ¬† :-)

8) ¬†Last but not least…..Let’s have a great season! ¬†If you ever have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or concerns…please don’t hesitate to call/text myself (Julie), Scott, or any other parent on the team. ¬† We all need to work together and support each other.



Parent Meeting (October 1, 2015)

1)   New caps and replacement  ear pieces for our old caps have been ordered.   Ear pieces should arrive before state playoffs, but new caps may not be here that soon.

2)   The MAC is hosting  Middle School Water Polo every sunday from 5pm to 7pm.   Cost:  FREE!!!!!!   Very cool!   Please help us spread the word.   Julie will get a flyer to JCMS and touch base with the PE teachers.

3) ¬†Mindi Hoke gave info on a wreath and garland fundraiser that Julie shared…..It was decided to move forward with it. ¬†Stay tuned for more info to come!

4)  Our Tournament is next week (October 9-10).   PLAYERS will need to be at the MAC at 8am on Friday and 7am on Saturday.   The game schedule is posted here on the website.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!!    and   WE NEED FOOD DONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who have not done this before, we run a concessions stand that will be out next to the bleachers. ¬† We will need help running this. ¬† I have asked the parents of the boys to look at the girls game times and girl parents to look at boy game times and make an effort to help at the stand. ¬† We do not want parents working the stand when their player is in the water. ¬† ALSO, we do not want any one to get “stuck” working it all weekend. ¬† SO PLEASE be aware of this volunteer opportunity!!!!

Also, ¬† We provide a “hospitality” room for all coaches, refs, and table workers. ¬† Shea Schierling has the list of food/meal needs. ¬†I will also email a list to all of you as well. ¬† Please be aware that what you sign up for needs to be sufficient for 20 people.

I will need to submit a list of people volunteering on friday and/or saturday so that the pool knows not to charge you admission.   So PLEASE send me an email of the day(S) that you are going to be there by Thursday October 8th.



Parent Meeting  (September 3, 2015)

1) ¬†The Boys Tournament on September 18-20 will be held at the Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center, 15707 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton. ¬†Overnight accommodations are up to families, but if anyone finds a great deal for Hotels, please let the group know. ¬†Also, the Hartmans and Hockers offered to take an extra player or two (?) ¬†if that is needed for other families. ¬† Due to the shortage of boys, a few girls will be needed. ¬† It is a tough competition weekend but we don’t ever back away from tough ¬†:-).

2) ¬†The Madras tourney will be held OCT 9-10. ¬† Hospitality will be headed up by Shea Schierling. ¬†Consessions will be headed up by Kathy Anderson. ¬† BUT this does not mean that they do it all…..This is an all hands on deck weekend for all of us. ¬† We will have another parent meeting before this weekend to get details figured out, so please stay tuned.

3)  WE NEED TO GENERATE FUNDRAISER IDEAS !!!!   Our first will be to help out at the upcoming MAC DASH.  This one is HUGE for us!  Please, if you are not participating this year, contact either myself, Jim Gemelas, or  Tim Nelson (MST Coach) for info on how you can volunteer.   NEXT, we need any and all suggestions/ideas on Fundraisers.

4) ¬†Our website is up and running….if there is anyone who is not receiving emails and texts please direct them to me.

5) ¬† Caps will be ordered soon. ¬† No final decision was made on suits….other than we will be looking into a more affordable generic choice. ¬† More info to come.





Congratulations to this amazing group of young women! So very proud of you!

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